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The internal coating machine HIL-94 has been awarded with the Design Award Silver at the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg, Focus Open 2015.


„Focus Open“ is the international award of the federal state Baden-Württemberg for remarkable and innovative designs. Since 1999, the „Focus“ is awarded annually by the Design Center Stuttgart. This year`s award ceremony took place in the Scale in Ludwigsburg on the 16th of October 2016. A jury of six-members selected in a two-day jury session from more than 200 applications the award winners of this year.The awarded machine design of the HIL-94 was developed by the industrial designer Knut Braake in close cooperation with Sprimag. The design of the internal coating machine for aerosol cans is characterized by a homogeneous, clear line concept, which further continuous in the following internal coating dryer. The large glass doors enable excellent access and  generous insight into the coating process. Due to the variable and movable control unit, a high, ergonomic operating comfort is achieved. Across all machine types, the contrasting design element of the doors shows the function of the system with an abstract spray jet. As the machine design of the HIL-94 will be continued in the complete product range of the internal coating machines, we are very proud that we have received this design award.Kirchheim-Teck, Germany 30. November 2015

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Looking the part

Article about coating brake disks, published in the APS in September 2015

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Flexible process solution for large bearing shells

Published in German "Flexible Prozesslösung für Großlagerschalen"
in MO, September 2015

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