The Sprimag Applications Center includes the most modern equipment available which leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Demonstration for everything from multicomponent coating mixing to a multiple color quick change paint system is available for trial.

Sprimag Robotic Coating Cell

The highlight of the Sprimag Applications Center is its robotic coating cell. This state of the art cell, as well as other lab coating systems, includes an integrated flash off zone and several drying methods. The backbone of the system is a transport that allows pallet and spindle systems to be tested in action. Additionally, CO2 snow cleaning, ionization and flaming capability are available in an inline pretreatment module.

The laboratory is laid out so that a series of processes may be tested in various combinations. The complete process can also operate automatically, just like your production line! 

Robot Stand and Round-table Coating Machine

In addition to this, the Applications Center, which is often referred to inhouse as Technical Center, has a  compact robot stand, as well as a special automatic round-table coating machine. These autonomous  machines and systems increase the performance capacity of the Applications Center and round off the range of services offered to customers.

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