Internal Coating of Collapsible Tubes, Aerosol Cans and Aluminum Beverage Bottles and Cans

Sprimag enjoys a superb reputation within the international Collapsible Tubes and Aerosol Cans industry. For nearly 60 years qualified engineers and technicians at Sprimag have concentrated on internal coating. Customer design requirements remain a top priority. Ever increasing demands from industry for increased output speeds demand the implementation of new ideas and so Sprimag has also dedicated itself more and more to the end-of-line segment in recent years, developing high-quality inspection and automated packaging solutions for aerosol can production.

Aerosol Cans and Beverage Bottles

Sprimag coating machines for Monobloc aerosol cans and beverage bottles enjoy a superb reputation within the industry for more than 60 years. With our customer-oriented concepts, we meet the individual demands of our customers.

Beverage Cans

Experiences of many decades in the design and manufacturing of Internal Coating Machines, be that for beverage and food cans or other, confirm our awareness of the benefits of customized solutions.

Aluminum Tubes

Sprimag stands for competent comprehensive solutions in the internal coating of aluminum tubes. New technologies and functionalities increase the production ­efficiency of our units continuously and additionally optimize their availability.

end-of-line and inspection solutions

Sprimag end-of-line and inspection solutions are the perfect supplement to its internal ­coating systems. Find out more about Sprimag's end-of-line inspection combined with flexible automatic packaging systems.

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