Coating Machines for Beverage Cans

To be innovative to us as a coating machine manufacturer means to continuously come up with solutions to meet and exceed the continuously increasing market requirements, to recognize product and application trends at an early stage and to realize solutions with consideration of the market as well as meeting environmental standards. Experiences of many decades in the design and manufacturing of Internal Coating Machines for beverage cans confirm our awareness of the benefits of customized solutions.



High reliability for high capacity: Sprimag not only supplies various coating machines for internal coating of beverage and food cans. The ­combination of individual machines allows also high cycle times.


Speed and stroke movement: The internal coating machine HIL-05 was designed for the requirements of the beverage can industry and is perfectly suited for cans and bottles with a large length-to-diameter ratio.


External Can Bottom Coating and Drying: To manufacture two part beverage cans made of steel or aluminum the dome, rim and chime are coated in one working process. The module capacity is up to 900 cpm.

Our ultimate ambition is to supply long living and future-proof solutions, guaranteeing a high availability under the most extreme conditions. To our customers a maximum process stability and reliability is granted by present new and further developments. In the field of internal coating of beverage cans, Sprimag also offers suitable coating machines for external can bottom coating and drying as well as entire painting systems with high cycle rates.

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