Coating Wheel Hubs

Want to coat wheel hubs using tried-and-tested technology? In order to protect against contact corrosion, the rim seat/chassis seat on wheel hubs or pre-mounted wheel bearings is partially coated. Sprimag provides suitable compact coating systems that offer excellent benefits to customers.

Spray guns with optimized spray nozzles minimize overspray, thereby also preventing the flange facing and component from being contaminated. Additional masking can be used to mark out the coated area with a very high level of precision if required.


Either round-table or chain systems are used, depending on the performance requirements of the coating system and the coating process. The compact design of these systems means that the coating system can be integrated into a production line.

The optimal drying method is then selected based on the coating material used. As well as the conventional drying method using circulating air, other drying methods include inductive and infrared methods and UV curing.

Sprimag also offers solutions for the partial cleaning of surfaces on pre-mounted wheel bearings before coating.

Coating systems and processes for wheel hub coating

Round Table Coating Machine

Chain on Edge Coating Machine

Corrosion Protection

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