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Zuverlässig auch bei hohen Temperaturen – Leistungsstarkes Sprimag Spezialkettenöl

Sprimag und der Tribologieexperte Klüber Lubrication entwickelten gemeinsam das Sprimag Spezialkettenöl Typ S-300, das alle Anforderungen dieser Schmierstelle optimal erfüllt.
Ein ausführlicher englischsprachiger Artikel darüber erschien im April 2021 im Canmaker

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"Bearing in mind" – coating wheel bearings

More and more wheel bearings are being provided with corrosion protection these days. But what are the reasons for this and which application and system technologies are suitable for wheel bearing coating?
Published in AMS November/December 2019

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Donation for the MARTE MEO project

Sprimag supports the Stiftung Tragwerk with a donation of 3,000 euros for the "Marte Meo" project, which uses image- and video-supported methods to help children and adolescents to better interact with each other in everyday life.
The "TECKBOTE" reported on this on December 19, 2018.


Mixing it Up: New 2K Coating System for Coating Fan Rotor Bodies

The new coating system for fan rotor bodies provides a breath of fresh air to fan and motor manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG, because its chain system is capable of handling complex requirements.
The IPCM magazine published an article about this in November 2018.

PDF  "Mixing it Up: Coating Machine for Fan Rotor Bodies" >>


Brake discs with Data Matrix codes

Nowadays, a Data Matrix code (DMC) is applied to many brake discs once they have been coated: This makes the workpieces clearly identifiable and aids the subsequent assembly process. The AMS magazine published an article about this in November 2018.

PDF  "Brake discs with Data Matrix codes" >>


From the classic beverage can to the thin-walled aluminum bottle

Internal coating of thin-walled beverage bottles. Published in German "Im Inneren der Bierdose"
in mo, May 2018

PDF  "Im Inneren der Bierdose" >>



What tomorrow brings

Article about flexible system concepts for plastic coating in AMS magazine, November 2017

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