A Complete Quality and Environmental Management

In all our activities we lay great emphasize on quality, efficient management, best possible resource management, responsible interaction with our environment and last but not least fair and honest dealings in all our business activities.

Certified QM-system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Sprimag is working in accordance to a modern and process oriented management system. The DIN EN ISO 9001 certification confirms that we systematically and consequently consider all the customers’ requests and  requirements, and hence proceed in a planned and controlled implementation with respect to these expectations and concerns. Requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 are the basis for optimization and development of internal operating processes of Sprimag.

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Certified QM-system according to VDA 6.4 of Association of (German) Automotive Industry

Requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 are the basis for optimization and development of internal operating processes of Sprimag. The VDA 6.4, a demanding specification based upon quality standards in the German Association of Automobile Industry. Our certification to this specification confirms our commitment to our manufacturing capabilities and standards.

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Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001

In the environmental sensitive field of manufacturing equipment for the surface processing of items with various agents, Sprimag can demonstrate a high competence in the understanding and application of local and international relevant environmental laws and regulations. Supported by an integrated management system which is taking into account aspects concerning quality/environment/working security we are fully aware of and responsible for our impact on our society and environment.

This basis is the security that the products of Sprimag are of the highest standards especially for quality and the environment.

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Company according to WHG (Water Resources Act)

Sprimag is a specialist company certified according to WHG (Water Resources Act) for systems for storage, filling, handling, manufacturing, treatment and use with water-endangering fluids with a flash point less than or equal to 55 ° C. This certificate applies to the following activities: Installation, and maintenance.

The operator of a system handling water-endangering fluids is responsible for only commissioning companies that have the above certification for these activities. Sprimag fulfills these requirements, thanks to knowledgeable staff who ensure compliance with the requirements of the WHG. In addition, Sprimag has the devices and equipment required for its work.

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