Coating Glass Parts? Sprimag Coating Systems

Sprimag offers an extensive portfolio of products for the internal and external coating of glass. Whether the coating is intended to provide decorative coloring or fulfill functional requirements, Sprimag is the ideal partner when it comes to coating glass.

A current trend in the perfume and cosmetics industry is to integrate a premium PVD coating in the coating of glass. Sprimag has already successfully implemented system concepts in the past to meet this exact requirement. In the beverage industry, there are functional requirements that need to be considered in addition to the decorative aspects: In particularly thin-walled bottles, for instance, a coating can substantially reduce the risk of the glass breaking.

Coating Systems for a Diverse Range of Applications

Sprimag already has a wealth of experience when it comes to the production of systems for coating glass. One topic that comes up time and again is the issue of coating the inside of glass flacons. With our proprietary application technology, we are able to deliver extremely precise results in this area. It is also possible to use combinations involving a PVD process for this purpose. Our offering also includes coating systems for the bottom of bottles and systems for the full or partial external coating of bottles, flacons and other glass parts. 


Coating systems for glass coating

Round Table Coating Machine

Chain on Edge Coating Machine

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