Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has high standards when it comes to quality – and so does Sprimag. A visually perfect surface combined with optimum functionality of the parts being coated are fundamental requirements of a Sprimag coating system. A high degree of automation and system availability are, of course, also key requirements for our systems.

Nowadays, plastic parts make up almost 20% of a car when measured by weight – and this percentage is increasing all the time. In particular, the efforts being made to reduce the weight of cars, and the potential fuel savings that can be achieved as a result, make using plastic parts an extremely attractive proposition. Greater design freedom and less complex assembly processes are also contributing factors. It is usually necessary to coat these parts both internally and externally. The coating helps to significantly increase the quality of the vehicle as a whole in terms of its visual impact, while also fulfilling haptic requirements. Of course, functional requirements for high-quality coatings, such as scratch resistance and weather resistance, are also important to Sprimag.

From Mass Production to Minimum Batch Sizes

Externally, the coating used on automotive parts is usually linked to the desired color of the car, which requires a flexible coating process with small batch sizes. In contrast, large batch sizes are normally required for internal parts – the "piano black" coating as well as PVD Coatings are particularly popular options here. The range of applications is diverse, and Sprimag has a suitable system concept for everyone.


Robot Coating


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