Aerosol Cans & Beverage Bottles

Sprimag coating machines for Monobloc aerosol cans and beverage bottle enjoy a superb reputation within the industry for more than 60 years. With our customer-oriented concepts, we meet the individual demands of our customers. In addition to internal coating with wet paint, Sprimag also offers systems for internal coating with powder and thus addresses the goal of reducing solvent emissions.



The impressive features of the new internal coating machine HIL-94 for aerosol cans and beverage bottles include improved machine performance and optimized maintenance friendliness in combination with a new design, which has been rewarded.


The new HIL-56 NG internal coating machine for aerosol cans and beverage bottles impresses with its cost-, space- and energy-optimized coating concept. The internal coating machine, which is based on standard assemblies, is enhanced by an energy-optimized internal coating dryer. 

With it’s own drying systems Sprimag offers an ideal supplement to the internal coating machines. The temperature profile is adapted to the optimal paint polymerization and thus provides with a high degree of cure for best coating results. Optionally, a fully automatic chain lubrication system can be integrated into all Sprimag internal dryers up to a drying temperature of 300° C. This guarantees operational safety, minimizes costs and also achieves extended chain life.

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