HIL-15: External can bottom coating and drying

The HIL-15 is perfectly suited for the coating of two part beverage cans made of steel or aluminum. Dome, rim and chime are coated in one working process. The module capacity is 900 cpm.


  • 6 vacuum or solenoid supports
  • 6 continuously rotating Airless Spray Guns
  • Electrical and pneumatic spray time control
  • Suitable for solvent based and water based paints
  • Adjustable spray guns
  • Easy change for different can heights
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX directives
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  • Paint supply systems
  • Sound insulation
  • Induction drier

    External can bottom drier for 2 parts steel cans

    • In case the can bottom is coated with water based paint, it may be dried by means of an induction drier (not polymerized).

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