HIL-34: INTERNAL COATING of beverage and food cans

The modular system of the new HIL-34 generation makes the machine a highly flexible solution for the ­internal coating of beverage and food cans. The main machine is available either as a „stand-alone“ version or as a „table-top“ version for integration into the line. Both beverage cans and food cans can be internally coated on an identical main machine. By combining individual machines, the cycle rate can be adapted to the line speed. 


  • 6 vacuum supports with or without centering flute
  • Up to 3 airless spray guns which can be swiveled out and adjusted separately
  • Table-top or stand-alone version
  • Suitable for solvent and water based coatings
  • Machines can be combined in any number
  • Module capacity up to 350 cans per minute (depending on size)
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX guideline
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Technichal Data

  • Production speed: up to 350 cpm
  • Product diameter: Dmin 52 mm, Dmax 85 mm
  • Product length: Lmin 85 mm, Lmax 180 mm
  • Spray guns/Spray process: 3/3 times, 2/2 times
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  • Lacquer supply incl. temperature control
  • HMI touch panel
  • Servo drive
  • Spray pressure control, timing control and spray monitoring
  • Dome spray equipment 
  • Connection to the customer‘s existing exhaust system


Application Areas for the Internal Coating Machine



Internal Coating of Beverage Cans