HIL-94: Functionality meets Design

The impressive features of the new internal coating machine HIL-94 for aerosol cans and bottles include high machine performance and optimal maintenance friendliness in combination with a new design. The maximum line speed of the HIL-94 is trendsetting: up to 250 cans per minute can be precisely internally coated.


  • Low vibration due to solid mechanical design
  • Individual vacuum circuit for machine infeed and outfeed
  • Increased user comfort by direct electro-pneumatic control of the spray guns by HMI
  • Shorter cleaning times by optimized exhaust performance
  • Height adjustable and horizontally moveable control panel
  • Combinations with different internal coating drier options (1, 2 or 3 rows)
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX regulations
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  • Additional lacquer supply
  • Cleaning device for spray gun extensions 
  • Energy optimizing system and vacuum control 
  • Second spray arm with full spraying equipment assembly  
  • Can bottom suction device 
  • RFID-access verification system to organize access authorizations
  • Division of spray gun groups into separately ­controlled circuits



  • Product range: aerosol cans and beverage bottles
  • Product diameter: Dmin 20 mm, Dmax 76 mm
  • Trimmed can height: Lmin 70 mm, Lmax 280 mm
  • Production speed: 250 cpm
  • Spray guns/Spray process: 9/3 times

Internal drier for cans DIT


  • 1-, 2- or 3-row transport chain with baskets
  • Reduced wearout of the transport chain and the chain wheels by cardan-based drive system
  • Chain tensioner with weight, electronically monitored
  • Easy accessibility to the drier interior due to large doors 
  • Quadruple door lock
  • Isolated doors with special door hinges for ­synchronized door closing
  • Large outer doors with smooth surface on the oven‘s front and rear sides
  • Quick and easy removal and reassembly of the shafts and chain wheels in case of service




Chain Lubrication System





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Sprimag special chain oil Typ S-300

High-temperature chain oil for Sprimag internal coating dryers

Application Areas of the Internal Coating Machine



Awarded Design

The internal coating machine HIL-94 has been awarded with the Design Award Silver at the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg, Focus Open 2015.

Internal Coating of Beverage Bottles

Internal Coating of Aerosol Cans