Coating of Brake Discs

Brake Discs

Coating brake discs? As a world leader in the coating of brake discs, Sprimag has already proven its capability and innovative strength time and again around the world with the countless coating systems that it has supplied. Whether a partial or complete coating is required, with or without the coating of ventilation ducts, Sprimag has the perfect solution for your brake disc coating needs.

Either round-table or chain systems are used, depending on the performance requirements of the brake disc coating system and the coating process. The optimal drying method is then selected based on the coating material used. As well as the conventional drying method using circulating air, inductive and infrared drying methods are also employed.

The Right Application Technology for Perfect Results

Certain coatings require application equipment that is tailored to their specific properties. Sprimag has already developed numerous special nozzles that are designed to enable the processing of coatings for brake discs and ensure low-maintenance production processes. Thanks to its proprietary application technology, including spray guns, in many cases Sprimag is also able to offer coating without masking in applications where masking would normally be required.

The combination of process expertise and application technology from a single source means that Sprimag is ideally positioned to generate maximum benefit for its customers.

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