Surface Finishing by Piano Black

Product Finishing – Decoration

Coated workpieces are becoming ever-more prevalent in today's world, whether in the home or in the automotive industry. This trend is most clearly recognizable when considering the vast number of high-gloss black surfaces around (also known as piano black). With a broad, application-specific range of products, Sprimag has the perfect solution for these applications.

Applying an immaculate coating to workpieces is a very laborious and complex process; with piano black coatings in particular, defects caused by the inclusion of dust particles, for instance, are easily visible. The machine and system technology must meet high standards. Any scratches are also clearly visible on these surfaces, requiring the use of coating systems that are difficult to operate but are designed to achieve maximum scratch resistance.

Surface Finishing by Piano Black

Sophisticated System Technology for Efficient Production Processes

The finely tuned interaction between the system technology, the coating system and the workpiece geometry is a decisive factor when it comes to achieving efficient production processes. It is always important to reduce the reject rate as much as possible – no problem with coordinated Sprimag system technology.

Sprimag offers a wide range of solutions for product finishing applications:

Coating Systems and Application Areas for Product Finishing

Coating of Automotive Plastic Parts

Automotive Industry

Round Table Coating Machine for smaller quantities

Round Table Coating Machine

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