Beschichtung mit Korrosionsschutz für Metallteile


Corrosion Protection

In order to protect against contact corrosion, metal parts are coated with a corrosion protection. For example, the rim seat/chassis seat on wheel hubs or pre-mounted wheel bearings can be partially coated. Sprimag provides suitable compact coating systems that offer excellent benefits to customers.

Contact corrosion can occur in metal parts over time. This can be avoided by using corrosion protection. Spray guns with optimized spray nozzles minimize overspray during the coating process. This also prevents the flange facing and component from being contaminated. Additional masking can be used to mark out the coated area with a very high level of precision if required.

Bremsscheibe mit Korrosionsschutz
Beschichtung einer Bremsscheibe in der Lackierkabine

Equipped for a Wide Range of Coating Systems

Sprimag offers specific system concepts with tailored application technology to meet your exact requirements. We will find the perfect system concept for you based on the type of coating that will be used (UV, water or solvent-based coating) or any additional process steps, such as a special pretreatment or preheating process. We can even integrate a coating temperature control system or a handling system for fully automated production if required.

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