Surface Coating

Sprimag offers guidance and advice on all aspects of surface coating and surface finishing for solutions to each customer's requirements, starting with the number of pieces to be coated. Regardless whether the parts are rotationally symmetric, have complex geometry or require complete or only partial coating, Sprimag supplies surface coating systems from simple coating machines to fully automatic turnkey painting systems.


Round Table Coating Machine

Compact coating solution for small quantities: With a very compact footprint the Round Table Coating Machine is truly a stand-alone painting machine that can be customized per the particular application.

Robot Coating Cell

Highly flexible coating of parts with complex geometries: The innovative Sprimag Robot Coating Cell is suitable for high performance and top quality coating of sophisticated parts as 3D plastic parts or others.

floor conveyors and bar coating machines

Whether it’s for large or small components, and low or high-volume production: With the wide range of system concepts for floor conveyors and automatic bar coating machines we meet the most diverse production requirements.

Chain on Edge Coating Machine

Surface coating system for higher production rates: The Chain on Edge Coating Machine may be modularly configured per the painting application and is optimal for larger quantities or longer process times.

Flat Bed Coating Machine

High capacity for flat parts: With the Sprimag Flat Bed Coating Machine flat parts may be coated in a single machine cycle. It is particularly suitable for plastic parts that must be coated precisely and in large quantity.

Three-axis Coating Machine

Excellent coating for parts of flat geometry: The Sprimag Three-axis Coating Machine is particularly suitable for coating flat parts, where a specified layer thickness must be precisely held within very tight tolerances.

Pico Piston Coating Machine

Piston coating with highest precision: The Pico silkscreen-printing machine is ideal for a partial coating with little paint loss and sharp borders. The Pico can be easily integrated into a production line.

Customized Surface Coating Solutions

Sprimag will design a system to accommodate the customer's coating process using one or more of Sprimag's standard machines (Round Table Unit, Chain-type Coating Machine, Three-axis Coating Machine, Flat Bed Coating Machine or Robot Coating Cell) including surface pretreatment and drying. The Application Technology will be custom designed to the coating task required.

Characteristics of Sprimag Coating Machines:

  • Rugged design and high quality processing
  • Servo technology for high speed and reproducibility
  • Designed for low maintenance and reduced wear
  • Sprimag application technology
  • Dry and wet extraction technology
  • One or multi layer coatings
  • Batch or continuous production


Per customer requirements, Sprimag also supplies the following additions:

  • Interlinking transport equipment
  • Supply air unit
  • Paint recovery (e. g. “wiper wall”, Coolac®)
  • Pretreatment systems
  • Exhaust air treatment
  • And much more...
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