Coating Technologies for Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Whether it is complex shapes, bright colors or a metallic finish that you desire, Sprimag coating systems will make your cosmetic packaging stand out from the crowd. This is important because purchase decisions for cosmetic and hygiene products are often significantly influenced by what the packaging looks like, and the value of the outer shell can far exceed the value of the contents within. Thanks to sophisticated, tried-and-tested concepts, our coating systems are able to substantially enhance the value of plastic containers.

To provide even better protection for information or brand labels applied by means of hot foil stamping, screen printing or pad printing, or to make sure that this information really stands out, an additional protective or effect coating is applied using Sprimag coating systems. Razor-thin metal layers applied using the PVD coating method are also protected using a clear coating (can be colored).

Sprimag Coating Systems for a Range of Capacities

Cosmetic parts are usually produced in large quantities using Sprimag coating systems: Whether it is lipstick tubes, mascara casings, cosmetic lids or cream jars, the versatile coating systems supplied by Sprimag are an indispensable part of the cosmetics industry. Companies can choose between conventional drying methods or resource-conserving methods such as UV drying. Where combining with metallization in the form of a PVD coating, Sprimag offers coating systems as customer-specific special solutions.

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