Coating Plastic Parts? Sprimag Coating Systems

If you are planning to coat plastic parts, you need a competent coating system manufacturer who not only has the coating system but also the right application technology for coating plastics, from the paint supply to the spray gun. Particularly in the automotive and cosmetics industries, high demands are placed on surface coatings such as absolute scratch resistance. Sprimag therefore offers numerous coating solutions and system concepts for the coating of your plastic parts, which include components such as high-gloss UV coatings, PVD coatings, day and night design as well as coatings with a haptic effect. 

We encounter plastic every day, whether in the morning when brushing our teeth, when we drive to work or when we speak to friends on our cell phone. Plastics come in a wide variety of forms and material compositions – and the requirements for surface coating are just as diverse and challenging. Sprimag has the ideal plastics coating system for every application, whether as a stand-alone solution or a complete coating system line with all the peripheral equipment. Sprimag can also provide the application technology with paint supply and mixing unit, all tailored to the coating system, where required.


Cosmetic Packaging

Automotive Industry

Fields of Application for Coating Systems for Plastic Parts

Plastic parts are often coated for functional and/or decorative reasons. Sprimag coating systems are frequently used for the following applications:

Coating systems for functional plastic coating:

  • Surface chemical resistance
  • Resistance to weathering (moisture, UV rays)
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Electrically conductive (partial) surfaces as a shield against electromagnetic radiation (cell phones)

    Coating systems for decorative plastic coating:

    • Changing the color tone or gloss level, e.g. automotive parts in bodywork color
    • UV high-gloss coating such as "piano black"
    • Product finishing in relation to PVD applications (metallic effects)
    • Day and night design
    • Covering up surface defects, such as those that may occur during injection molding

    Coating systems for creating haptic effects:

    • Soft touch
    • Leather effect
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