With over 90 years of experience starting from the design and manufacture of industrial spray guns to the development of entire automated paint finishing systems, Sprimag has grown into the world leader in industrial painting equipment.

Quality "Made in Germany", customer satisfaction and protection of the customer processes are our guidelines for order processing and the development of new innovative coating systems. We invest in our employees as well as in modern production technologies for innovative, useful coating systems and products in order to achieve lasting improvements in the customer processes and the production process.

In the manufacture and development of our products, we consider it our task to meet the requirements of our customers with maximum flexibility, while at the same time ensuring maximum quality and timeliness. Our commitment is worldwide and continually expansion-oriented. Quality made in Germany - for coating systems worldwide.



At its headquarters in Kirchheim-Teck, Sprimag employs about 180 people and has offices in the USA and Mexico. The international focus of Sprimag plays a major role, as our customers are spread around the world. On the other hand, our resources are mainly derived from the domestic market.

Sprimag coating systems are built and assembled completely in Kirchheim-Teck. We have our own production, so machine parts are painted in our own paint shop. In addition, Sprimag application technology products and spare parts are produced in-house.



Sprimag's product lines are divided into two categories. The Surface Coating division includes all machines for functional and decorative coating of mass produced parts. The Internal Coating of Metal Packaging division includes all machines for the internal and external coating of cans, collapsible tubes and beverage bottles. Our own Application Technology completes the product range.

Surface Coating

Internal Coating

Customer Care


Sprimag Principles

Market proximity

We always have an open mind for our customers. Through our permanent market presence, we always aim to know our customers' current needs and turn them into customer-oriented solutions.

Customer satisfaction

We will only achieve permanent market success if our customers are satisfied.


By ensuring that our employees, customers, suppliers and partners identify with Sprimag, we want to create a continuously positive image in society and on our target markets.


A cooperative management style with open and honest communication, as well as timely information will be the basis for dealings based on trust.

Working conditions

VA modern work environment, performance-based pay and a secure job form the basis for total dedication by our motivated employees.


Clear objectives and transparent decisions are prerequisites for integrated responsible action.


Purposeful training and further education of all employees increase the efficiency of processes and improve our performance.

Conservation of resources

Responsible handling of resources and compliance with all laws are self-evident to us. Optimization of energy consumption and low-emission applications are important aspects in the development of our products.

Product innovation

The right product at the right time, and modern machine concepts complemented by optimized application technology must demonstrate our claim to technology leadership.

Process expertise

We have in-house expertise to handle the complex demands of our customers. Our modern Applications Center coupled with know-how of our own application technology guarantee the optimum individual coating process.

Product quality

Our products must satisfy the highest quality expectations of our customers. Upstream and downstream consulting and sales services will supplement this quality demand.


Integration of all participants in the further development of products and processes, as well as systematic implementation of the derived measures will continuously improve Sprimag.

Quality and Environmental Management

In all our activities we lay great emphasize on quality, efficient management, best possible resource management, responsible interaction with our environment and last but not least fair and honest dealings in all our business activities.

Certified QM-system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

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Certified QM-system according to VDA 6.4 of Association of (German) Automotive Industry

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Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001

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