HIL-60/62: Internal wet spray coating of tubes

HIL-60 Internal Coating Machine for Aluminum Tubes
HIL-60 Chip Blow out Drum

The HIL-60/62 is the proven coating machine from Sprimag for the internal coating of collapsible tubes at the highest level. Production speed of the HIL-60/62 is up to 200 tubes per minute with 1- and 2-row design of the annealing and drying ovens. The entire diameter range of aluminum tubes from 10 mm to 50 mm is covered. According to requirements, the machine may be supplied with or without an intermediate drier. The triple coating is carried out by 9 spray guns.

  • Separate servo drives for stroke and transport movement
  • Monitored electromagnetic spray valves
  • Proven quick-change system for size parts
  • Automatic part ejection during production process
  • Interior covers made out of stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX regulations
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Chip blow-off drum CBD

Annealing oven TGO + internal drier TIT

  • 1- or 2-row transport chain with baskets
  • Reduced wearout of the transport chain and the chain wheels by cardan-based drive system
  • Chain tensioner with weight, electronically monitored
  • Easy accessibility to the drier interior due to large doors
  • Quadruple door lock
  • Isolated doors with special door hinges for ­synchronized door closing
  • Large outer doors with smooth surface on the oven‘s front and rear sides
  • Quick and easy removal and reassembly of the shafts and chain wheels in case of service

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