HIL-40/42: Internal Wet Spray Coating of Tubes

Internal wet spray coating of Tubes with production rates up to 170 tubes/minute

The primary difference to the series HIL-60/-62 is the single row annealing oven and drying oven. The coating is carried out with 6 spray guns in a double-coat process. The diameter range is available in steps from 10 mm to 50 mm. The machine may be supplied with or without an intermediate dryer.

  • Patented servo-driven spray gun movement
  • Rotation monitoring of the chucks
  • Monitoring of electromagnetic spray valves
  • Quick and easy quick-change system for size parts
  • Interior covers made of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX regulations
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  • 5 blow-off lances
  • Precise suction of chips
  • Cam-driven drum


    • 1-row transport chain with baskets
    • Reduced wearout of the transport chain and the chain wheels by cardan-based drive system
    • Chain tensioner with weight, electronically monitored
    • Easy accessibility to the drier interior due to large doors
    • Quadruple door lock
    • Isolated doors with special door hinges for ­synchronized door closing
    • Large outer doors with smooth surface on the oven‘s front and rear sides
    • Quick and easy removal and reassembly of the shafts and chain wheels in case of service

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