Aluminum Tubes

Sprimag stands for competent comprehensive solutions in the internal coating of aluminum tubes. For decade our employees have developed the benchmarks in this area. New technologies and functionalities increase the production ­efficiency of our units continuously and additionally ­optimize their availability. Examples of Sprimag’s leading technology are the newly patented AVT (Ausgleichs-Verschiebe-Trommel) transfer drum. This multiple row transfer system provides the most efficient and reliable production process.


The HIL-60/62 is Sprimag's proven internal coating machine for the internal coating of aluminum tubes. The nominal production speed is 200 cans per minute with a double row annealing oven and drying oven.


The HIL-46 impresses with its cost-, space- and energy-optimized ­coating concept. The internal coating machine, is enhanced by energy-­optimized system components, such as annealing furnaces and internal coating driers.


The primary difference to the series HIL-60/62 is the single row annealing oven and drying oven. The coating is carried out with 6 spray guns in a double-coat process. The diameter range is available in steps from 10 mm to 50 mm.


In the new generation of the tube latexing machine TGA-200 the transfer and latexing concept is based on a drum. The tubes are accurately positioned by the infeed drum and transferred directly onto the latexing drum system.


The proven TGA-250 combines solid technology with high machine availability by avoiding size part-dependent components. With direct latexing on the conveyor belt it can be easily integrated into automatic tube production lines.

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