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    Surface Coating

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    Internal Coating

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Automated Coating Systems, Coating Machines and Paint Spraying Systems

Sprimag's extensive product portfolio is divided into two categories. The Surface Coating division includes all machines for functional and decorative coating of mass produced parts. The Internal Coating of Metal Packaging division includes all machines for the internal coating of cans, collapsible tubes and beverage cans and bottles as well as machines for testing and inspection. The product range is rounded off by our own application technology such as spray guns, pumps and paint supplies.

In the manufacturing and development of our products, we see it as our task to meet the requirements of our customers with maximum flexibility while maintaining maximum quality and on-time delivery. Our commitment is worldwide and continuously expansion-oriented.

Coating Machines & Application Technology

Surface Coating

Sprimag offers guidance and advice on all aspects of surface coating for solutions to each customer's requirements regardless whether the parts are rotationally symmetric, have complex geometry or require complete or only partial coating.

INTERNAL COATING of Metal packaging

Sprimag enjoys a superb reputation within the international collapsible tubes and aerosol cans industry. For nearly 60 years qualified engineers and technicians at Sprimag have concentrated on internal coating.


In our opinion, appealing products and exceptional service belong together. Sprimag is not only dedicated to manufacturing complete systems, but also support you and your production process as an active partner.

customized solutions for your coating specifications

Sprimag coating machines precisely coat surfaces thus guaranteeing optimal part coating quality. With over 80 years of experience we see ourselves as the ideal partner for coating problems; from various application techniques to turnkey coating lines we offer customized solutions for your coating specifications.