Rubber Metal Coating

Rubber-metal Coating

The rubber-metal bonding agent serves as an etch primer for the rubber being applied, and is applied before the vulcanization process is carried out. The process involves two coating procedures, whereby first the primer and then the bonding agent is applied. For water-based materials, the parts are also often heated up before the coating process is carried out.

Sprimag has coating systems for a wide range of capacity requirements. Whether it is a compact automatic round-table coating machine for small quantities or a fast-running chain system for higher capacities, Sprimag machines and coating systems are equipped to handle both the internal and external coating of parts. Thanks to their sophisticated design, Sprimag machines and coating systems can be converted quickly and easily.

Measurement Procedures for Quality Assurance

In order to ensure exceptionally precise coating results, the option is also available to use various measurement procedures, thereby significantly enhancing quality assurance practices. Depending on individual requirements, it may be useful, for example, to undertake coating checks, to perform coating thickness measurements, to document various process parameters or even to implement coating temperature controls.

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