Silkscreen Piston Coating Machine


Maximum precision in piston printing: Sprimag has a unique solution for the coating of pistons – the Pico screen printing machine. This optimized method enables round parts such as motor pistons, which do not have an exact circular form, to be coated perfectly. Thanks to the targeted application of the coating material during the screen printing process, no contamination or overspray occurs.

The previous method of coating pistons using a spray process, e.g. using a Sprimag automatic round-table coating machine, has certain disadvantages. A lot of masking is required when using this method, as well as the set-up and cleaning work that goes with it. The overspray produced during spray coating also results in a loss of coating. To avoid this, Sprimag offers the Pico screen printing machine for piston coating applications.

Longer Service Life for Pistons and Motors

Screen printing of pistons involves functional coating with anti-friction lacquers. After being applied to the piston, these lacquers prevent them from being attacked when the oil film breaks, thus increasing the reliability of engines. Breakdowns are minimized, especially when the engine is cold. By reducing the gap between the piston and the cylinder, fuel consumption is also improved. The advantages of the screen printing method are that the coating material can be purposefully applied and that no contamination occurs through overspray.

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