Internal Coating of Metal Packaging

Internal coating

For us as a coating system manufacturer, being innovative means keeping up with ever-increasing market requirements, identifying product and application trends at an early stage and implementing these trends in the form of solutions that are environmentally sound and in line with market requirements. Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of coating systems have enabled us to develop a keen understanding of customer-specific requirements. Our ultimate goal is to deliver durable, future-proof coating system solutions that guarantee a high level of reliability even under extreme conditions. We are continuously developing new products and enhancing existing ones, meaning that our coating system customers are guaranteed optimum process safety and reliability.

Metal Packaging

Internal Coating of Aerosol Cans

Monobloc Aerosol Cans

Internal Coating of Aluminum Bottles

Beverage bottles

Internal Coating of Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes

Internal Coating of Beverage Cans

Beverage Cans

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